Friday, November 25, 2011

Birthdays, engagements and OMFG!

Okay, so last week was my birthday (you may have heard), but that wasn't the big news.  Stephanie and Jay got engaged in my warehouse! Really!  It was so sweet.  They were crying, I was crying.  It was great.  She is from NY and had been wanting to get into the warehouse and of course, loves mid-century furnishings.  He was looking for a unique way to propose and there we were.  Probably one of the coolest birthdays I have had in a while.  Anyway, here are the pics.  He actually made up the plaque and had me hide it on the wall for her to find amongst the Outrageous Modern Furniture Galore (OMFG)! We are now on the list of most popular sites to see in Richmond.  Really.  Now if I can just sell enough stuff to host a wedding!

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