Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thank yous and Special Treat this Weekend!

Many, many thank yous to the folks that shopped small businesses last weekend, especially mine!  I had a record day!   
We have a special treat this weekend--a guest estate sale will be going on next door to VERVE at 4905 W. Leigh.  Robin Campbell will be selling beautiful designer goods.  Here are some preview pics for VERVE and the estate sale.  More details can be found at http://www.estatesales.net/ , a great resource for estate sale info.  They will post her sale on Thursday.  I will be open officially on Saturday from 10-4, but will be hanging around on Friday and Sunday, so stop in any day. 
Don't forget, if you want a wreath you can:
1.  Buy one already made at the Shops@5807 OR
2.  Order a custom wreath by calling me at 804-370-3765 OR
3.  Bring me an old wreath that still has some life (or not) and let me work my magic.  Often I can refresh old wreaths with new ribbon, etc. OR (and the most fun)

4.  Bring a bag of the stuff you've collected intending to make your own wreath but never got around to it.  Saves you money and me time!

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